About Us
Ice Cream Emergency!

Family Owned

We are a family owned business located in Oxford, CT. We have over 10 years of experience in the catering and event arenas and we service the entire state of CT.

Don't you just LOVE ice cream and the way it makes you feel? We do too! In fact, that's how Ice Cream Emergency came to be. Ice cream is a social, congratulatory food and it is always associated with appreciation, pride and happiness. When we think of ice cream, a smile spreads across our faces and we bring this happiness to your event and your guests.

We can't think of a single time when ice cream hasn't been associated with a happy occasion. So, we created Ice Cream Emergency - a mobile, full-service ice cream parlor disguised as a whimsical rescue vehicle that comes directly to your event. We use super premium, gourmet ice cream that is to die for (please don't take this literally, we are not a real emergency vehicle!). We also offer a selection of delicious frozen yogurt and low-fat and fat-free options. We are open almost all year. Weather is not a concern as your guests board the Ice Cream Emergency Bus and are served INSIDE. Call us NOW to book your next event. Your guests will be wowed and talking about Ice Cream Emergency for Years!